Demetrius Suggs

D Suggs

Demetrius Suggs ’10 is currently a sophomore at University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He is debating about whether to major in Music or Mass Communication (or both)!

Even though Demetrius has only been a college student for about a month now, he loves the sense of independence in college. He likes that he can choose his own classes, set his own schedule, and make his own decisions. He also says that he likes now having “something to miss”. Now that he is away from home, it’s nice to look back and miss DC, but also feel excited to come home to visit.

Despite the independence, Demetrius also finds it challenging to be away from home and live in a new city where it takes time to get used to things that are different, like the Connecticut bus system. But he says he loves the new environment and it pushes him to “try new things.”

What he has to say to his former teachers at TMA: “I would like to tell all of the teachers and staff at TMA a huge thank you. I can see how the things that I have learned at TMA have helped me already. In my classes, a lot of the work is easier for me, while others are struggling. All the reminders to tuck in our shirts, get our homework done, and be careful who we associate with have really paid off. Other students in college may get swept into the pressures to party on a night when they have a paper due the next morning. I see kids trying to “fit in” and be something they aren’t. With all of this, I can still see myself as a TMA warrior who knows how to make the right decisions and not be one of those kids. I am on the road to success and I thank everyone at TMA for helping me get there. If it wasn’t for you, I honestly may not even be in college.”